The culture that defines us.

Lisa-Marie started a year ago as a Junior Test Analyst. This is her story. (Dutch)


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Who we are

When working for Quality@Speed you become part of a solid, ambitious and dynamic team. Founded in 2016, we evolved to a company with more than 40 employees and we will continue to develop our vision about quality. We strongly believe in implementing Quality Assurance (QA) at the beginning of the SDLC. To achieve this, we work in close collaboration with our customers.

Quality@Speed goes beyond the typical QA commitment zone at the end of the SDLC and focuses on the shift left paradigm. We do this by cultivating our people towards a T-shaped consultancy profile (specialized in testing, development or analysis, but with a quality mindset), by training developers in producing code with built-in quality checks, and by creating awareness among our customers about how to deliver quality software at a faster pace.

Quality@Speed is always looking for new talented people to join our awesome team!

How we want to be seen

Trustworthy and respectful

When feedback is given, this happens in a constructive way. We give each other the benefit of the doubt and we care about each other as individuals.

Proud of Q@S

When speaking to others about Q@S, we use a positive attitude. When negative feelings or doubts arise, we discuss them internally. We are truly proud of our organisation.

Our energizers

Personal growth

We are in the driver's seat of our own development. We are eager to share your knowledge and experiences with our colleagues so we can grow together.


It is our ambition to go the extra mile for Q@S and our customers. We will finish what we start and fully dedicate ourselves to the objective.

How we want to cooperate

Active participation

We are all involved in the growth and expansion of Q@S. All contributions - even the small - define Q@S.

Co-creation with customers

Sustainable improvement can only be realized in close collaboration with our customer. This is what we strive for.