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VUCA world = reality?

Nowadays, potential competitors are able to arise at a very fast pace and consequently cause disturbance in your business. As a result, the time-to-market has to be shortened dramatically in order to stay competitive. In a traditional approach, this causes even more severe challenges since the time for quality control processes even get more squeezed between development processes and delivery.

Beside the short time-to-market, there are other important factors that increase the pressure on IT-departments and companies in general. On the one hand, customers at the 21st century are used to quality whereby a lack of it could result in a customer churn.

On the other hand, IT workers do not have full control of IT resources anymore, due to the complex IT ecosystem in which they have to operate. In other words, companies’ software products are built with and connected to external applications, devices and software running in the cloud. 

In conclusion: Everything has to go faster, is more complex to deliver and must be first time right, while investing in quality – in a traditional way – slows the delivery process down. Here, the typical trade-off: quality vs. speed shows up: “If we focus on quality, it will take more time to deliver. If we focus on speed, quality will be in danger.”

However, quality and speed do not necessarily have to work against each other. The challenges described above can be conquered by a ‘shift left’. The Shift Left Model is characterized by an agile approach, an attitude of ‘first time right’ and Quality Assurance (QA), which is a preventive view on quality.

shift left

Let us explain this more in depth...


Quality@Speed helps its customers to develop and embrace a culture in which software quality is embedded in the corporate DNA. This culture sets timely delivering high quality software products as primary objective.

We believe this can only be achieved through real teamwork and cross-functional collaboration. By close collaboration with our clients, we will help them to reinforce the cross-functional skills of their teams through co-delivery, hands-on coaching, training and passion for quality.

Automated Data Creation

A test is as worthful as the data it is using. Usually, testers are dependent of others, such as developers, to create test data. This often causes a loss of important testing time and a higher probability of error-prone testing processes. We advise companies to make sure testers get in control of this important aspect and are able to generate test data themselves.

Automate data creation
Data migration testing

Data migration testing

Renewing companies’ IT infrastructure often involves data migration, which causes several risks for completeness of data, semantics, corruption, performance, load, etc. We do not only help companies to create a data migration testing strategy, but also to set up the necessary automated migration checks.

Data Anonimization

In most cases, testers work on a copy of production data. From May 2018 onwards, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will restrict the use of personal data. Quality@Speed can help to define and set up a new test data strategy & approach that are GDPR compliant.

data anominization
testing pyramid.png

At Quality@Speed, we are convinced that automated testing at the right level is a crucial factor in developing and testing efficiency and effectivity. With the help of the ‘test pyramid’, we can demonstrate this approach. According to this pyramid, the earlier the automation of tests are applied, the better. In the end, it will be clear that early test automation requires less effort and provides more speed and stability.

Moreover, by embedding automated testing into companies' continuous delivery pipeline, short feedback loops on quality are enabled, which will result in delivering higher quality software within a shorter timeframe.

By executing QA activities in the complete end-to-end (E2E) process, companies are able to improve their software products continuously thanks to frequent feedback processes at crucial times. By doing this, defects are detected in an early stage, which results in saving fixing costs since the price of fixing defects at the end of the SDLC are way more expensive.

Quality@Speed helps its customers to shift the focal point of software quality related activities from the end of the SDLC to the start. As a result, customers will already have the correct focus on quality at the moment of launching new initiatives.

QA commitment zone

'Customers grow more demanding'. 79% of your users will search and switch to an alternative, if your website is not up to their standards. A bad performance will, therefore, cost you customers and thus money. We can help you set up performance testing to avoid these costs.

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In close collaboration with customers, Quality@Speed works on speeding up the delivery of high quality software through:

  • QA Process Assessments & Transformation
  • Define & Embed Lean QA strategy
  • Test Engineering, Test Consultancy, Test Coaching & Test Management
  • Automated Testing (both API & GUI)
  • Performance Testing
  • Software Development
  • Software Quality Training

Not sure what your company exactly needs? Contact us anyway. We will help you identify your IT pitfalls by performing an assessment of your SDLC. Afterwards, we can setup a test strategy based upon your specific needs.