Performance testing unburdened.

79% of users will switch to alternatives if your application is not up to their standards. Slow or unavailable systems will cost you greatly. 

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Tired of meeting during Corona?

Are you also having more and more meetings because of Corona? Davy has 5 tips & tricks in this blog to get more energy and better results out of your meeting.

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Stop investing in QA?

Is quality at speed a utopie? QA being at the end of the cycle is becoming very costly. We should start reevaluating our QA processes to achieve quality and speed.  

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COTS: how to avoid the hangover?

About 30% of COTS implementations are considered a success. Is COTS the way to go to achieve a lower cost of ownership (TCO)? 

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QA to enable a shorter time to market.

To stay ahead of your competition a fast time to market is crucial, thus becoming an increasingly important factor in a project. How does QA fit in?

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