High quality software at a faster pace!

Quality@Speed helps companies deliver high quality software throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) at the speed that is required in the contemporary business environment. We live up to this by shifting our clients' Quality Assurance (QA) processes to the beginning of the SDLC (shift left) and by introducing the test pyramid approach. This is why Quality@Speed also employs -besides the classic QA profiles- developers with a thorough QA mindset. They will help our customers introduce test-driven development (TDD) and unit tests from the beginning of the SDLC.

Your challenges = our solutions

Faster Time-to-Market

Release your software to the market faster, but with the guarantee that you will not be overwhelmed by defects and change requests.

Automated Testing

Stop using rooms full of manual testers who spend their days running through scenarios. Automate your tests and ensure a higher coverage rate faster.

QA Mindset

Develop a culture in which everyone takes ownership of quality management and testing.

Software crafters

Develop software first time right, applying DDD and SOLID principles, writing clean code hence reducing maintenance and rework.

Find out your level of QA-awareness

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How aware is your company of Quality Assurance? Find out by answering our 5-minute questionnaire. Our experts will review your answers and personally reach out for feedback!

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The team

A couple of our Q@S members

What makes up a great company? People. Our consultants are committed to help our customers achieve the best possible results, while also nurturing the growth of Quality@Speed. They are the cornerstone of our organization. Do you want to know more? Have a look at the who we are page!


Are you not sure what your company exactly needs?
Contact us anyway. We will help you identify your QA pitfalls by performing an assessment of your SDLC. Afterwards, we can set-up a test strategy based upon your specific needs.